Friday, January 3, 2014

Castration and Spaying Saves Lives

On New Years Eve, the staff and I were presented with this little dog, I will call him Jimmy. He was an older dog and was not castrated. Older males that are not castrated can develop many disease processes that can create havoc on their well being. 

Jimmy presented with a hernia where his contents of his belly pushed out under the skin near his rear end. This little dog had his entire urinary bladder and his large bowel pushed into this site. I had never seen one so bad. The good news is that he went home today feeling better and on the road to recovery. 

When we recommend spaying and neutering, it is to protect your pet from all the dangers of being intact. Fighting, unwanted breeding, cancer, and other diseases are just a few that can occur. 

This is the before and after pictures of the little guy. He went home wagging his tail and happy to be out of the hospital!